year in review still really wonky

another year, another review that doesnt add up this is the 3rd year in a row i make a post like this, this being the last year the post i made the year before that was removed for some reason. this year, it says this[/img] i was pleasantly surprised considering i dont play yasuo, at all. here's my match history with yasuo from 2016-2019[/img][/img] first image is from normals, second is from ranked. how the hell does 8.8 kda make sense, or 13k dmg per death? it also says i have a 68% win rate on taliyah in one place, but in another it says i have 70%. so which is it? every single year this entire review seems to be extremely off. i dont play yasuo, how do these stats make sense in the slightest? can someone please explain
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