TFT: Please nerf Ninjas/Assassins!

Look at this picture and tell me: does anything seems familiar?! Yeah, **top 2 are Ninjas/Assassins lvl 6 users**! I was lvl 7, I had really good economy and I had **blademaster + Imperial + knight** synergy going on (ignore the kennen, he's there to counter blitz users). I had **2 stars Draven with 2 items** on him. I was winning vs the other players but no matter how I position my units, I always lose to these 2. I got unlucky and I got matched against these 2 back to back, several times in a row, and I got knocked out of the game really early, because {{champion:84}} kept one shotting everyone. And I mean **EVERYONE**!!! Including my tanky units! There is literally no counter play to such absurd damage and mobility (assassin trait). Noticeably, {{champion:84}} having only **25 mana bar** is absurdly stupid! Put any {{item:3070}} items on her and she'll be spamming her ability 24/7 (especially {{item:3040}}). {{champion:555}} has a really wide buggy hitbox on his ability: he can stun all units on **a line 3 hexagons thick**. Please either nerf Ninjas and assassins or completely rework the traits because they're definitely too OP and broken!! I can't even win against them with **6 Yordles** for god sake! {{champion:84}} just casually one shot half my yordles with one cast (_yordles are supposed to be a counter to assassins_, btw)!!! Anyway, I also made a [list of TFT bugs I encountered]( so feel free to check it out and add other TFT bugs to it. It helps to have all the bugs in on place for **us** and maybe for the **_bug-fixing team_**! {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
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