General disconnect / loading issue in starting phase since 17th August

Description General disconnect / loading issue in starting phase since 17th August Title: 9.16 (current) Server: EUW Match Details: Summoners Rift (Draft Mode / Normal) Type of Bug: No loading screen after successful champ selection Details: Since ~17th August I noticed an unusual increase amount of disconnects on summoners rift. In two games in a row someone of the enemy or own team had a disconnect at the beginning. Fortunately the remake was successful. On the third game in the same row I had the issue in my client and could not connect: The champ selection was successful. After the champ selection I got a black screen and my mouse pointer changed into the "busy" pointer (turning circle). After a while I got an error message with "Network issue ...". However I had no internet connection issues at all (Teamspeak was running without issues). So I restarted the client, logged in, but ended in the same issue. Afterwards I logged off of my PC, logged in again, but ended in the same issue. I wasn`t able to restart my whole PC in time, because my team did a remake. I saw additional disconnects on the 18th August. However I saw no issue playing/starting a bot game or an Aram. To reproduce or prove my bug report, please verify the "remake" statistics on Summoners Rift (Draft Mode / Normal) on EUW. Thanks.

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