why riot want to destroy our summer with bugs?

(ALL) chat is bugged and 50 percent of time doesn't work! runes changes automatically to inspiration the timeless rune ( a default rune ) when you pick or change a custom rune in champion select! ( this bug is from 9.13 and i tell them in boards also i sent tickets that i greet useless bots!( it is really annoying i lost nearly 20 match because of this bug) some mordekaiser ult bugs example: grants a debuff that decays our health to zero! connection lost and stuck on loading screen that appeared since 9.14 champion bugs that people abuse their bugs as a mechanic! so what riot games doing now? fixing the game!? nop... i think they re making another skin for lux and ezreal while we have only 1 ornn skin! {{champion:99}} & {{champion:81}} FOR {{item:3400}} {{champion:516}} = {{item:3070}} {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
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