Riot's Client issues

So i was wondering today after another "fun" hour of restarting the patching process untill it finally doesnt corrupt. (still patching btw) Why does the client have this many bugs and bits that arent still ironed out after the new client being out for well over a year. few examples are (but not limited to) Store not loading (usually fixes itself with clicking on a different tab) Hextech crafting tab has the same issue Champion select not letting me enter a game and making me autododge (only happened twice so far) The patcher has problems with not corrupting almost (done so many reinstallations on multiple pc and laptop W7 and W10) every update while installed on the recommended drive (aka C:)(also did some testing on ext HDD exact same issues persist on there too) and last but not least random string errors in the profile tab (alot less these days but they still happen and probably will keep happenening untill attended) So while i do appreciate Riot bringing out "new and exciting" content for the client i would rather be able to get on my client every patch cycle without having to run the repair tool. --Magic Ice Cube--
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