Darius R Tooltip Maxium Damage changing to/displaying abnormal numbers

Recently I've been noticing that Darius's R Tooltip keeps changing the red number - that normally displays the maximum damage that you would do with 5 stacks of Hemorrhage and Noxian Might active - to a weird number that doesn't count in the bonus AD you get from Noxian Might when it's not active. This is how the absolute maximum True Damage is normally calculated: 600 + (Bonus AD from all sources (Items, Runes, Elixirs, etc.) + 230 (Bonus AD from Noxian Might at Level 18)) * 1.5 = Red Number in Tooltip This is the Build that I've been mostly using since the Rune Update: Precision + Resolve Precision: Conqueror - Triumph - Legend: Alacrity/Tenacity - Coup de Grace Resolve: Unflinching - Bone Plating/Second Wind Since the changes that allow you to select the base stats, I use these: +9% Attack Speed +10 Adaptive Force +15-90 Health (based on Level) These are the items i used in my latest tests in the Practice Tool: Black Cleaver - Dead Man's Plate - Mercury Treads - Randuin's Omen - Spirit Visage - Guardian Angel + Elixir of Wrath Using this Build, the True Damage at Level 18 is the following: 600 + (45 + 40 + 35 + 30 + 6 + 230) * 1.5 = 1179 600 is the Base True Damage of the Ultimate with 5 stacks on the Target 45 from Guardian Angel 40 from Black Cleaver 35 from Conqueror when active 30 from Elixir of Wrath 6 from Adaptive Force 230 from Noxian Might all except the first one are counted as Bonus AD for the Ultimate and therefor multiplied by 1.5 before added to 600. Now, this Damage is still dealt correctly if you were to test it right now. BUT, this is what happens when your Noxian Might is currently NOT ACTIVE and you hover over the Tooltip in game. This is the Number that is shown to you when Noxian Might and Conqueror are NOT ACTIVE: 782 This is what the Tooltip shows when Conqueror IS active but Noxian Might is NOT: 834 And this is the number when both are ACTIVE: 1179 Why am I being shown a number that is misleading, unnaturally low and at the same time MAKES NO SENSE AT ALL? The first two numbers that you see (782 and 834) are completely pointless because the 'Maximum Damage:' is supposed to always display the True Damage you deal with 5 Stacks on the Target AND Noxian Might active. NOT the True Damage you would deal without Noxian Might, because such a situation is PARADOX. When you have 5 stacks on an enemy, your Noxian Might ALWAYS triggers, there is never going to be the occurence where an enemy has 5 stacks on them but our Noxian Might runs out and you would be dealing most likely the second number (834) of damage shown above. That will never happen. And I can tell you one true thing: I've been playing the new Darius since patch 5.16 on the PBE, all the way through Season 6, 7 and 8 (though I played a lot less in season 8), stacking up more than 1500 Games, and NEVER, EVER, EVER, did the Tooltip show these abnormal numbers when your Passive Bonus AD is inactive. It has always shown the absolute maximum ammount of True Damage you deal with Noxian Might on. If you don't believe me: Go ahead and check EVERY YouTube video showcasing the Darius Rework as gameplay. You can CLEARLY see that when they hover over the Ult's Tooltip it shows the highest number - 1179 in my case above - of True Damage that you deal. And since 5.16 there were NO, ABSOLUTELY NO changes to the Tooltip's calculation indicated in any of the patch notes up to 8.24. And my conclusion to this problem is: Either this is an unintentional Bug that occured during Season 8 (I wasn't playing a lot of LoL in 2018 so I don't know when it happened for the first time, which is why only now I'm posting this) which is fixable in that case or Riot has made a change to the Tooltip that is horridly stupid, misleading and just very questionable. I really do hope however, that the latter is not the case. Anyways, I hope that everyone reading this undestands the Tooltip's problem and it would be good if this gets fixed.
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