Riot, You Are Going To Fix My Account Right Now.

Today, first i struggled to login. Everyone had that issue. After many attempts, I finally logged in. Then I entered a ranked queue. Everthing was fine, we picked champs. Then, just before loading screen guess what happened? BugSplat. BugSplat happened. I tapped the "Reconnect" button many times, everytime it gave me the BugSplat. I closed the client entirely, and restarted. But I could not login because of your stupid "RADS" problem. When I managed to reconnect after a long file check, I saw we lost, and I was placed into a low-priority queue. (because I recently suffered another low-pri queue, I completed them just yesterday) Dear riot, I sent a ticket already, but posting on forum always gives faster results. I want you to undo my queue thing. I dont even want my LP back. But I don't have to play with this ridiculous queue thing. You are going to fix my account right now. Because it's your fault, not mine. RIGHT. NOW.
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