Caitlyn has some extra bonus attack speed at level 1 (without runes, masteries, auras, ...), a bug?

Hello, I just noticed when checking attack speeds of marksmans that caitlin (in game) has some extra bonus attack speed at level 1 without items, masteries, runes or any other champion's aura or items. Particularly her attack speed stat at level 1 says: 0.625 (0.568 + 0.057). Is Caitlyn special and has increased AS by 0.057 (and more with attack speed items, runes, masteries and levels) or is it a bug? I checked several other marksmen and none of them had any extra bonus attack speed at level 1. Champions I checked are: Ashe, Caitlyn, Corki, Ezreal, Graves, Lucian, Twitch, Vayne. I checked everything in custom game mode with one random bot set against me several times. The extra bonus attack speed remains even if I pick AS masteries, items, ... Not sure if this is a bug or intended for Caitlyn (and someone else?) so I'll be glad to hear from someone how it is. Thank you.

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