Client Black Screen In Ranked [Serious Issue]

Queued up for my first ranked game this evening and just after champion select ended the league client went black and wouldn't let me join the game. Additionally it wouldn't let me close the client unless you went through task manager. Afterwards when restarting the client, it is still black and you can't even join the game. I hit D2 last season and am looking to hit higher elo this season but several days into the start of the season, experiencing losses over the client being completely dysfunctional is honestly so depressing. Waste of my time, and waste of the other 4 players on my team's time. If this is happening to other people this could be heavily influencing the ranked ladder in a high quantity of games and I would like to see a fix as soon as possible if that's the case. Disclaimer this has never happened to me before this season. Additionally my client has automatically put itself into LOW SPEC mode without me selecting anything and it won't let me change it back either, even though I have a high spec computer. Bug after bug and I thought the game was supposed to be improving after the ranked disaster last year.

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