message during game disabling my keyboard

Hi, About a week ago I had a strange thing happen to me whilst in the middle of a ranked game. My chat dialogue box was opened and someone or something wrote "Sorry caps is on" or words similar to that effect. This was written by itself. The first time this happened I was in a lot of disbelief. I saw my name come up and the message on chat and I was like what I never wrote that. I figured my account must be hacked or something. Yesterday the exact same thing happened. I sat and watched the whole sentence write itself, however after the message had been sent during the game my keyboard was completely disabled. The only way I regained control of it was to restart my computer. I done a virus scan and I am currently clean according to Windows Defender. Has my account be hacked? Is it just a bug with the client? Is it a potential bug with my keyboard? What ever it is I am worried it is going to happen again. Any ideas what might be causing this? Is it possible to have 2 users or 2 people accessing an account at the same time?
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