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this was my last promo game to go back to gold 4 my top laner {{champion:157}} took {{summoner:12}} {{summoner:14}} at some point the enemy {{champion:266}} has 190 CS and {{champion:157}} had 11 my adc {{champion:15}} ended the game with a perfect 0/7/0 score so i went and checked their profiles they where both unranked players and not to mention extreamly toxic. if riot doesn't care about the match making system they can at least check the chat history and ban those guys for being toxic at least. so let's not be unfair the {{champion:15}} was not unranked in flex. he was a bronze 5 - 0 LP player and on solo Q? yeah he was unranked. and the {{champion:157}} ? yeah baby he was unranked all the way baby. but he had a skin.... so good for him. now imagine comming home from work at 9 pm eating dinner and going for that last promo game before bed and seeing this score board. it's been too long that I can't fool my self anymore and none of you dear summoners can bring any reason to convince me that this match making doesn't care if it's your promos or not. we all know when we're in our promos there will be some useless, good for nothing pile of shit in our team and if none of them work riot pulls out the last card and puts 2 unranked players in your gold 4 promos. but why? why the %%%% don't you want people to climb? is it like if they climb too fast they're gonna quite this game so let's make them suffer? are you that stupid? why do you have to put 2 unranked players in my team ? me ! a solo Q player who no one cares if i climb or not it's not like I'm a pro player or a streamer why the %%%% do you put unranked players IN MY PROMO GAMES??? EVERYTIME !!! EVERY %%%%ING TIME if it happened in my nonpromo games as well I would think ok riot is being controlled by compleate baboons and it is what it is. but no, it's not like that. you climb to 100 LP like a peace of cake your team mates are actually good, well duh !!! this is not bronze !!! if some one is in gold elo he knows how to farm at least right? right but the moment you go to your promo games the enemy team will be on the next rank ( witch is perfectly fine since you should test your skills against the next rank so you know if you deserve to go there ) but your own team will be made out of 4 brain dead unranked players and if you lose that game : sorry buddy I geuss this is your skill cap at the moment. if you really deserved to be gold 4 you could win that game 1 v 5. better luck next time. so i know next season there will be some huge changes to the rank system in general and each roles will have it's own mmr and I really hope it will change this shit storm that we call match making right now. but until then %%%% you riot, not becuase you are stupid, you're not, but becuse you're such an asshole for this dirty strategy. it's not even a strategy it's like ... never mind. %%%% you riot and have a nice day. great game btw league of legends is a great game and I love it if it was a single player or it had an animal filter so only humen where able to play it, it could be the best game ever. but alas
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