Ok, I can't believe how much u have screwed up lately riot, first we have a too op assassins rework, then we have u screwing up ranked rewards, then u screw up the flex queue ranks and now you really fcked up! I was in plat 4 and my MMR was Platinum 5 because I was on a losing streak. And then rank reset and I was like oh finally I can get rid of boosted people because they are gonna be put low in ranks. I play 9 provisional games and my MMR is Platinum 1 at that point and then I was like oh yeaaah. I had such a hard time in the games cuz I had troller on my team 4 out of the 9 games and enemy had troller one of the 9 games. 10th game I play and I crush enemy team I make a penta but then my illaoi gets mad at lee and starts to troll and they throw the game. I finished my placement games in 5 wins 5 losses so I thought: "Hey I will probably get something like gold 1." but no. I GET FCKING SILVER 1! SO NOW I WILL GET EVEN MORE FCKING TORLLERS ON MY TEAM AND NOW I WILL AHVE SAME PROBLEM AS BEFORE THAT MY TEAMMATES DON'T TEAMWORK AND HELP AND NOW I WILL PROBABLY GET STUCK HERE THANKS RIOT! THANK YOU SO MUCH! IF THIS ISN'T A BUG AND I WILL GET STUCK HERE I LEAVE THE GAME.
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