Minor bugs in training and options

I'm trying to improve by messing with the options in the training mod, and while doing so I was playing Master Yi in the jungle to test out different pathings. I've done one, then decided to reset, when I tried to purchase my hunter's machete it didn't allowed me to, I guess there is a lot of bugs with the reset function of the training mod like the magical shoes that will stay in your inventory if you reset the game after getting them, but that's already 2 bugs I found by only playing 2 training games, I believe there's a lot more of it. Today I played a custom game and messed a bit more with the key bindings, such as attack move, attack click and I even found out that you could bind attack move to M2 so I tried that out, it was cool, but I was afraid there might be some things later on that will be bothering me. After that I went in TFT and boy was that horrible. Every time I tried to move a character, every item I tried to put on a champ, and every time I bought, refreshed, or leveled up my little animal would follow the mouse and it made the screen move with him ( since when he reach the bottom of the screen, the screen itself decides it's a good feature to move accordingly to the animal placement ). I was getting so mad, I had to kite with my animal so he wouldn't go near the screen endings. I HAD TO KITE IN TFT So yeah it's a good training you might say, but in the end I had to restore default settings, you know why ? Because for some reasons, the changes you made in Summoner Rift affects the TFT game mod. BUT YOU CAN'T GO IN THE TFT SETTINGS TO CHANGE THE M2 ATTACK MOVE AFFECTATION WTF. Let me be clear, you put settings in SR, go into TFT and the settings are negativly affecting TFT, but you can't revert these changes in TFT so you have to restore default parameters, this is soooo annoying and I hope someone else can test this out or had the same experience with the settings.

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