handful of bugs

Hey there, i`m not here to whine or complaint just simply want to report several bugs i have experienced in preseason so far. * Runes personally i have not experienced this but my 2 close friends Rune page`s are invisible when they want to edit in champ select. this is almost in every game for them. [(imgur link)](https://imgur.com/a/8BOU3) some time ago, i just created rune page in champ select, game asked me if i wanted to save, i pressed yes and it looked all fine. until i realized i was playing Annie with precision runes. apparently i was running with previous match runes. * Most Annoying bug of all time okay. is this bug or intentional? EVERY time i log in, there is either HEY we added emotes or HEY preseason is here. okay fine when i log in its okay but when i finish match there is still that pop up of _preseason is here_ right before honor screen. it`s really irritating sometimes. [Imgur link](https://imgur.com/a/8Sst0) * Missing DMG (?) not sure how to phrase it. i will try to say what happened: ally Jinx shot Jax (who had like 2% HP) with long range rocket auto attack, rocket was flying at hit it was ALMOST there and it just disappeared. in the same game enemy Jhin also stated that his 4th auto attack disappeared. like one or two games later ally Shadow Assassin Kayn attacked Twitch who had low health, Kayns W was on point but there was no damage. Anyway, thats all i can remember for this past few days. sorry for the long post i just really want everything to be successful. i hope i was some help :) best of luck to you all {{sticker:galio-happy}}

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