Game sometimes won't respond to mouse/click commands

It doesn't occur every time/most times, but it is frequent. When this happens, it can take around anywhere between 0.25-2 seconds before the game will respond (Has gone beyond this range one time) It affects: * Auto attacks/Movement commands: Champion will either stand still or continue moving to location of last movement command * Buying items: Won't respond when you try to buy an item > Not a bug, just a problem with your mouse not responding to some clicks" Nope. If you hold down your mouse button to move, your champion will follow wherever you move your cursor on screen for the duration. If you move your cursor, the champion ~~immediately~~ changes their movement/pathing **after a short delay**. With this bug, every few times you change your cursor position, the champion won't change their pathing ~~at first~~ for much longer than the usual delay (1-2 seconds) and will continue moving to the previous cursor location for a while, but will **eventually** update after some time. If there was a problem with my mouse not responding, the pathing wouldn't be updated at all, so this is a bug. **The delays I am experiencing are also longer than the usual delays before a champion updates their pathing** EDIT: I was using my final paragraph to try and provide some proof that this wasn't a problem with my mouse as I don't usually hold down my mouse button to move and use single clicks most of the time. The game wasn't responding to a lot of my single clicks, and I didn't have a reliable way to prove this. I just found out that the 'hold-down' interval for updating movement commands is around 0.5 seconds and it isn't immediate, but I am still experiencing delays much longer than this. I was wrong to say immediate, but this is still a problem, , I've never had any problems like this before
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