Game Broken After 7.10 Patch

Recently I have experienced couple of major bugs in League. First is overall light stuttering of camera and champion movement which was not there before the patch. A lot of stuttering with Syndra when a lot of balls are placed. Also some balls stutter and teleport on their own after using W. And a really annoying gamebreaking bug that happened while I was playing Ekko. After I respawned I ran down mid with homeguard buff, then I used my E-Phase Drive and shortly after (before Phase Drive basic attack buff ended) used Flash to get in range of enemies. Then clicked on the enemy that was in range and nothing happened, I kept clicking next to them to at least follow, but nothing was happening, and then my character just stopped to the point I clicked after I flashed, not responding. It was like that for about second and a half. I have a video proof of this moment, but I don't feel like it's important here. I would really want to know what's up with that. And before you say it, no, I'm not whining, I'm just concerned about happening again at some point to me or anyone else.
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