This is not acceptable. Like, really!

Ok. I`ve got it. Yesterday the patch implementation had some problems, everyone faced some bugs and some still do at the moment. It is going to get fixed? A lot of people couldn`t even play, at all, me included. I log into the game, i que for matches, i get past champion select phase and after that my game doesn`t start-up. I`m stuck with a "Reconnect" screen on both live and PBE server. And if the problem is TFT i highly suggest it`s removal because it`s UNACCEPTABLE to leave so many people with their eyes in the sun like that. I hope this gets fixed ASAP, in case it doesn`t, i don`t know, maybe it`s time to quit the game. And if you do fix it, at least give us a compensation for the frustration and ruined games. I don`t think it will hurt Riot`s pockets to give to every active account some refunds or 1350 RP each for the trouble. I think this is the first time in this game`s history when the game is simply broken to an extent where you can`t even play it. That`s my 2 cents.
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