im sick of this

I **JUST ** did a test to connect to a custom training game, that worked. Try a ranked game feeling safe that I will connect- AND AGAIN THIS GOSH DARN LOADING SCREEN LEAVES ME OUT {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} and doesn't connect me to the game!!!!! I've ran the repair tool before for this and my other post I've done on this issue never got any input. All before the ver 9 patch everything was COMPLETELY FINE. Now I get 20 minute ''afk'' queues because of this absolute crap because I disconnect SOMEHOW thanks! So how many more times will I have to disconnect like this till' I get banned? :thinking: My laptop is garbage and my internet is too but I've NEVER experienced this before the 9th big patch. Where the issue lies? I've no darn idea. Still got 8 minutes left of waiting on this match so I might as well go make myself a sandwich or something :) ooo im in game bye ps: shows that everyone's on 100% loaded but I apparently am not even close to 100% and I never really connected wow! is the loading screen numbers even accurate anymore??its like every game is like a big hmm will I connect this time or not :thinking:
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