Emote tab under "collection" displays all emotes as unowned.

2018 08 12
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Edit: Better image resolution [here](http://oi64.tinypic.com/1gg9cx.jpg) After a few weeks of not playing, I was pretty happy to get onto League and try out the pool party event. I unlocked a few more emotes, etc, and was able to use them until this Tuesday's(?) "stats" tab introduction. I realised that my T hotkey in game brought up an empty emote wheel as shown. I simply assumed that it meant my emote page had been wiped and I needed to redo it. Upon opening my "emotes" tab on the client, I came across the image linked above. Despite buying several and having them unlocked, it wants me to buy them from the shop. None of my ​emotes are displayed. A few weeks ago I bought the "Squee" emote and no longer have it in my emote inventory. Similar to the "Outrageous" emote and "M'Pengu" emote, along with countless others I unlocked through events and missions. On my purchase history, those two emotes (Outrageous and Squee) are listed as being purchased by me (will provide proof for such if needed), though I am unable to use them. Likewise, I don't even have the basic Thumbs Up emote all players receive, nor several emotes I unlocked in Hextech chests I purchased. It seems to me that my level 99 account has had its emotes base reset to a brand new account. Would like an explanation if there is no fix? Would I get all emotes I purchased/unlocked back?
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