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So in an attempt to not go completely insane and quit league of legends as a whole, id like someone to give me some support here. In short, im sitting at a 48% winrate in ranked, after a losing streak from multiple games in a row that were lost due to afk's, trolls, intentional feeders etc.... (With most of every of those games getting a valid report screen) My jungle champions are kayn lee sin and jax, all sitting at respectively 50% winrate, 71% winrate and 55% winrate and somehow im also sitting at a 33% winrate in jungle which is weird since i dont play anything else in jungle. After getting back up from my losing streak ive been having small victory streaks here and there, but i get 18-19 LP every single time somehow.... (Knowing that before my losing streak i was gaining about 28LP per win). And here and there when i have some normal unfortunate losses, im losing 21 LP from a single lost game. My question is how i can somehow even lift up my LP gains other than getting my winrate backup with decent gaming preformance and LP, while singlehandedly having to deal with unranked people playing with me in my silver 3 games, and ending up 1/12. Is there any other magical way i can save my sanity from the terrible state of soloqueue other than even buying someone to boost me or something?
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