snowdown pass - is it fixed?

hi. yesterday i bought the snowdown ticket or whatever it's called, it took my rp but i didnt get it, just like literally everyone and just like every single event you make, there's a game breaking bug. anyway, it's been over 24 hours and there was a small patch, now it looks like this in my loot/client[/img] it says i have 18 tokens in my stash but that im still able to buy the pass despite already buying it and i havent gotten my rp back. also worth noting i havent gotten the icon nor the loot box thing you're supposed to get. do i actually have to contact the support or should this have been automatic? it feels like every single time you make an event or literally just anything new this entire season, everything goes to hell. clash is a prime example. im not a developer for a billion dollar company that owns the biggest online game we have (yes i know fortnite is techincally more popular but league has been top dog for more than 3 years so i dont count it) but is it really that freaking hard to just make something that **works** without being literally unplayable every single damn time? i love this game, but it's getting old, riot. joke's not funny anymore
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