Fuck you League Client

OK. So I came very close to committing violent suicide when I was given a 26 min ban for queue dodging and a 5 game leave buster. So here's what happened. I played a game today. Everything was going fine. But then.... when the champ select window closed and then the actual game window never opened. So when I stopped all my LOL tasks running and opened my game up again, it was 14 mins in and I was way behind in farm and levels. And I am now expected to play a carry top lane. So I play as best I can and then about 22 mins it crashes again. So now I have a 5 game 20 min leavebuster. Then next game I play, the top laner is banning a champ and they get to zero and nothing has been selected. But it stays on zero for like 30 seconds. So I assume that something weird is going on and I kill all the LOL tasks again and re-open League. And now I have been brought down by like 15 points in my league and I have a fucking 26 min ban, AND THEN FUCKING 20 MINS LEAVE BUSTER. Now don't say this shit is because of my internet connection because I have fibre and I have been watching YouTube on my other laptop the entire time. I often do this and it has never caused any damn problems so it can't be that either. So I am wanting to slit my wrists and pull out my hair because fucking Rito is fucking up my league score, wasting my time and showing me why people say DOTA is much better than league. Fuck you Rito...

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