New cursor

hey idk where i should share it but hopefully riot will see it here. as you know riot is changing the cursor. i have vision problems, i just want to ask for two things from riot ^^ 1. can you plz put a check box in UI settings for people who want to play with the old cursor? (it will take a lot of time for my crappy vision to get used to new cursor i will probably miss it in team fights so it will be helpful because it took a while for my vision to get used to the old one.) the new one is better tho it has a solid color and harder to miss. idk i need to test it '^^ 2 . plz add a change cursor size in settings (if there is already idk where it is '^^) but plz i would prefer my cursor to be _a liittle_ bigger than usual size. well idk about the first one but i'm pretty sure second one is something useful :P hopefully riot will see it! up vote if you care about blind people like me {{champion:432}} so riot can see this '^^
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