6.11 - Veigar E prevents execute, although it hasn't been casted

First of all some information: Server: EUW [Match-History Link](http://matchhistory.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUW1/2697941758/205464980) Champion, that I played: Nami Enemy Champion: Veigar + (Shyvana and Ashe nearby, but not dealing any damage) Veigar build: Rabadon's Deathcap, Athene's, Magicpen-Boots, Morello, Yellow-trinket Ok, so the following happened: Cait and me got ganked by a Shyvana on botlane while the enemy Veigar also roamed from midlane to us. While Cait got focused I decided to run into the bot tower in order to get an execute. Now Veigar has casted an E, that din't hit me... At least I didn't get stunned nor have I been inside his 'circle' The enemy veigar also ensured me via All-Chat , that he hasn't hit me. Anyway, I died to him and Veigar got the kill. The Death Recap says (besides turret dmg): "Event Horizon - Status effect" So, the only explanation I can think of is, that I walked over the event horizon while it was building up. I don't think that the E should give a kill, while it is building up. I have the following idea about how the bug happens: I remember, that a few patches ago Veigar's E came up instantly (I guess if was before the 6.9 patch). Maybe the game internal still thinks, that it rises instantly and thus even the non-loaded event horizon prevents an execute... EDIT: I uploaded some screenshots at [Imgur](http://imgur.com/a/tCOG5), which make the whole issue clearer: As you can see in the first picture, I have been standing on Veigar's E while it was building up. In my eyes, this shouldn't give a kill, as it doesn't really apply a Status effect, but I guess that's up to Riot. In the second image you can clearly see, that I have been out of the E, when it was completely built up. I could also attach a replay file, if that's helpful.
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