Ignite bug

Short and simple, there is either something wrong with the damage number display on {{summoner:14}} ignite or it is dealing more damage than it is supposed to. I got killed by ignite under tower, in-game I remember seeing the true number damage 189 just before I died (as in the number was there and I could still move around and cast summoners, not the number appearing as I died). The enemy was level 7 and ignite was meant to do 190. So that's just 1 damage left? I have 15 health but still die to ignite because apparently it still had a tick of what I can gather to be around 38 damage. I would show a replay of me being alive with the 189 display but I can't figure out how to get the replay to show damage numbers on the model. There were no other sources of true damage from Syndra, she had Electrocute, Taste of Blood, Ghost Poro, Ravenous Hunter and Inspiration second tree. The number is deceiving because I thought I had survived because it had reached the damage of ignite but still apparently had a tick left.

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