Kai'Sa ult will sometimes not cast even if in range of a marked target

EDIT: The overall bug I was referring to that happened for months isn't a bug, it's just that how the ult works can be confusing, so I'll leave this post and explanation up: For you to be able to use her ult, **the enemy champion has to be inside your ult range, not the area of plasma**. Once the enemy is within the range indicator, you can dash to any point marked by the plasma area around the enemy, even if that point looks like it's outside the range indicator of the ult. If the enemy is not within the range indicator, you cannot ult to the target, even if part of the plasma area surrounding the enemy is inside the range indicator However, Neeko is clearly within ult range in my clip, so this case definitely looks like a bug **ORIGINAL POST:** ~~Kai'Sa has had a bug with her ult for months where her ult will sometimes not cast even if in range of a marked target. I haven't reported anything until now as I haven't seen any other reports to do with this from other people over the past few months and therefore concluded that it must be a problem with me (something to do with using a locked camera, this only seemed to happen when target was at the edge but still clearly in range of my cast range).~~ However, today the same bug occurred multiple times, including on a target that was on top of me and clearly in range. I recently found out that I am not the only one to encounter this bug, so I'm reporting it now * Server: EUW * Match Details: https://matchhistory.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUW1/3885797362/219764690?tab=overview is the game that the replay is from * Type of Bug: In-game * Video: Attached. Not sure how much proof this actually provides as you can't see my HUD/cursor, but I was spamming ult during and after the stun on Neeko, who was clearly marked. * Reproduction steps: Attempt to cast Kai'Sa ult on a target within ult cast range that is marked with Plasma, and cast within marked Plasma circle surrounding the target * Expected result: Kai'Sa should immediately dash to the target location * Observed result: Ultimate will not cast, sometimes she will eventually dash but after a delay/not after you have attempted two or three times to cast ult already * ~~Reproduction rate: Around 3-5 times out of 10 different situations (i.e. not 10 times pressing ult in a row, but 10 situations in game when you want to cast ult)~~
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