[TFT] Starting late, missing first champ opportunities

Hello Recently I started playing a lot of TFT and I absolutely love it. However, I have one little gripe that I feel I need to state here on the boards. I usually play together with my girlfriend. Her PC has some newer parts, but seeing as we can both still play any game very well on either system I doubt the following issue is related to having a bad PC. SR and Aram run at 100+ frames at high, so yeah... Anyway, the issue is that when we queue up and the game loads. She will be at the carrousel a lot sooner than I. Basicly, 9/10 times, I eneter the game and can barely make it to the first champion I can reach, making a choice to start with rather difficult, or straight up impossible. Believe me when I say this isn't a problem. I can still make due with what I get and get a teamcomp started and I have been winning ranked games more often than not so far. It would just be nice to have the option to start with a Varus if I so choose. Sometimes I just feel like playing ranger. Kind Regards and keep up the good work on TFT!!!! Lairnaedon
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