Seriously how hard is it to fix the missions???

I need do a mission and then it shows up again blocking me from doing the next ones as they suddenly vanish or if they don't vanish then all my progres dose. If I close the game and wait a few hours then it will usually work (although today I have mission that I finished yesterday so %%%% that logic). If your team can't handle dealing with such bugs get new people. I don't mean replace everyone but rather get more people to deal with this crap. Seriously this is a huge and freaking rich company they can do this so why the %%%% don't they?! I guess that since you don't get extra rewards for doing the same freaking missions and it ends soon they just don't give a %%%%. PS. Yeah I know this means nothing here and I should send it to support (which I did) I am just venting here. Oh and no I don't mean some repeating missions like the fight for your house one.

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