Unexplained champion freeze

I played 3 games and made sure that this bug follows me in nexus seige, normal and ranked games. Somehow at random and repeatedly times ( like every 3 seconds ), my champion stops responding to any command i give for maybe 0.5 second, which makes me unable to last hit 25% of minions i can last hit and kills me sometimes in some act-fast situations. Also, in the 3 games i played, in each game my champion stop responding to any command for like 5 seconds noting that this happened to me only once or twice. It's not lag, because my ping is at its best (which is 95). Also, when i freeze for long duration, i can see everyone is just normal except me so i'm 100% sure that lag doesn't have to do with this. I asked my friends if they are having the same problem but no, it's just me. Please help me with this. I appreciate any help giving. Thank you. ######P.S : I lost my ranked game because of this :D
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