Client gets blurry/glitching

Hello, Not sure if this the right board, but this seems technical enough. Looked for this kind of thing, did not manage to find something recent. After this patch client seems to get blurry/out of focus, not sure how to describe it. Will share SS. When I move the mouse over the client it gets into focus for a moment and gets back to this. Anyone got any idea what causes this? Day before yesterday I checked PBE, encountered same issue there but thought it was just a PBE thing, today I updated the live client and same issue occurred. Rune page in collection is fine, loot page is fine too, no glitches as seen in SS's. Tried to follow some old suggestion (for ones who updated to win10 about the compatibility high DPI scaling, this did nothing. Tried changing client resolution - nothing. Updated drivers just few minutes ago, hoping it would solve the issue, nothing. Only common thing is 8.23 patch, because both the day before yesterday on PBE (live client was fine too then BTW) and today on live client was using old drivers. Appreciate any tips. Cheers. [
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