Didn't get my mastery 6 token in hex-tech crafting after levelling a champ to level 5?

I have just played 2 games as Katarina and I got an S- in the first game and levelled her up to level 5 at the same time; I had also got the mastery 6 token but when I checked Hex-tech crafting it wasn't there. I re logged but it didn't appear. I played another game and had got an S grade and another token. I checked my hex-tech crafting but only had one token. Is this a bug from levelling a champ to level 5 and getting an S+ to S- Grade? I've done this before with Vi, I had an S- with her when she got to level 5 but I got the level 6 token and it was in hex-tech crafting. So why hasn't this worked with Katarina? Any help would be appreciated :D
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