Everyone can cheat to climb ranks

Today I wanna talk about cheating, because almost everyone does it in order to climb and spare time. Let's talk about stats-scouting. I tried some online services that allow you, as a player, to know exacly with what kind of teammates you're playing the game. Something like: main role, main champions, win rate, first game of the day, solo killer in lane, roamer player. These infos simplify your life as a LoL player, especially if you're a jungler. You can gank more effectively and winning more games feels good. But in general you haven't got enough stats to say "Yes, this game is 99% a victory".Those stats are not cheating stats. **BUUUUT YESTERDAY.....** I found a website that literally lets you scout **ANYTHING** about the game. And by "anything" I mean **something that CAN HAVE HIGH IMPACT ON YOUR MATCH**. Just think about some of these: -Uncomfortable/comfortable pick -Main champ/Highest winrate champ banned by enemies (so he's bad with the champ he picked) -Average vision score (this guy never wards - GANK HIM) -Last game deaths after ganks (this guy is tilted by ganking) -Mood of the player (this tells you if the player is tilted or not from previous won/lost games) -FIRST TOWER TAKER (laning monster that wins the lane alone 65%+ of the time or helps others to take the first brick) -JUNGLER THAT NEVER TAKES OBJECTIVES (highly exploitable statistic, srsly?!?! you can take some drakes and spend all game in his jungle - 100% ragequit/afk guaranteed) -Positive support (this guy never flames and makes you win botlane) -Positive player (same as before) -Win lane, win the game (if this guy wins his lane - can carry the entire game) -Bad Smiter (doesn't use smite correctly) and many other in depths stats. They mark these stats with green/red flairs, depending if it's positive or negative. Generally speaking if you see everything red on the website, you can dodge because it's a 100% defeat. If the teams are balanced with advantages and disadvantages you'll get a fair game. If your team is all green it's a victory 90% of the time, because you'll get the first tower, all the objective, teamwork on point etc. I'd say 90% because there's the 10% random thing that could happen late game but the early game WILL BE ALWAYS YOURS. Is it ok for you?This is legal cheating guys, and imho should not be allowed by Riot. What are your thoughts?
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