windows mouse speed changes on game start

I guess its time for yet another post on this %%%%ing board. before i get into this, let me just say that this bug existed for over _**3 YEARS NOW**_ and it still has not been fixed. Now this is the mouse speed I have on windows: this is the mouse speed that it sets to when the game loads This bug occurs on: - Different Hardware - Different Operating Systems - Different Mices - Different Driver configurations (right now I have no driver at all and it still happens) - Different accounts basically it occurs always at all times. are you guys telling me Im seriously the only one that has happened that to? Fix this shit. league of legends shouldnt have any permissions to change my windows settings AT ALL. And yes, for the last 3 years, every time i started a %%%%ing game, I had to go into my %%%%ing windows settings and change that shit back
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