Game breaking Kaisa bug

Posting this one here since no attention give elsewhere I posted, Whenever I play kaisa since ~1 week ago, whenever I unlock Q/W/E evolution (which one does not matter) I stop getting skillpoints. This is regardless of evolution (be it any of Q/W/E or multiple evolution unlocked at once). This really destroys my ability to play my favorite champ and I have found no information from anyone else about it. EDIT: here is a screenshot It is clearly visible that I am lvl 10, Yet as I got lvl 9 when I hit my first evolution I stopped gaining skill points and could no longer use any way to skill up, so no there are no hidden skill points. Neither alt or ctrl (which is the one I have bound to use for skill ups) + Q/W/E/R works. There are none of the usual arrows to click on either, I simply do not get skill points on kaisa anymore. 7/7 games in a row
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