Kled Bugs that ought to be fixed.

I'll cut to the chase. Kled has quite a few bugs, some of which are easy to reproduce and the way around the bug has become a habit of the skilled Kled player. However, these are absolutely not intended mechanics as you'll see here. I've encountered these frequently in my last few games and I'd really like to see them addressed. **Kled's Bugs:** 1. If you spam Beartrap on a Rope (Q) or Jousting (E) right as you're exiting Teleport, you will go towards the direction you've teleported from, rather than in the direction you were intending to go towards. Clip: https://youtu.be/XO4n2WkdnpA 2. If you try your E-Q combo and your mouse happens to be too close to your champion, the Q will go towards the exact opposite direction you've aimed it. I can see why this happens, maybe it doesn't count as a bug but your mouse is still aiming ahead of the champion so this should be a bug. Clip: https://youtu.be/XlI43QLmMWU 3. Kled's Beartrap on a Rope (Q) will, at random, be unable to target large monsters and minions and will just go through them. This is infrequent but it has happened to me in the clip on Dr. Mundo as well as on the scuttle crab. Twice! Clip: https://youtu.be/-zPQNqYqTZs 4. Kled's Chaaaaaaaarge! (R) will show its route but will take a different route to its destination (no, this doesn't have anything to do with champions that add extra terrain) and will then change back to the route it originally showed, thus only wasting time in the end. I don't have a clip of this but it happened to me fairly recently and I thought it was both funny and stupid. Dumb lizard... Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope these bugs are squashed soon! EDIT: I just had the Q not hitting bug happen to me in a ranked match which almost lost me the game. I beg for your attention.

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