not receiving any Verification mails??!

I wanted to change some of my account data. But when I login and go to (Account management) tab. It says an email was sent with code for verification. But I receive nothing even after Trying to (resend the mail) a couple of times, I suspected that I've forgot on which e-mail of mine the account was made, so I selected (forgot username) button which is located in login page and typed all my e-mails but I still didn't receive anything in any of the e-mails, some of which I'm pretty sure that I had accounts on. does anyone else have the same issue? please help! thanks in advance :) Note: It's been two days and I still haven't received anything UPDATE: I submitted a ticket with the same account and received a mail on one of my accounts from riot, so now I know which mail the account was made on, but still didn't receive the verification mail.
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