Weird server lag?

Right, so probably about two weeks ago I was playing a ranked match and I was winning, and then everyone in the game started lagging with about 4k - 8k ping, the game continues unbearably and then I get hit with a 'attempting to reconnect' but I don't get reconnected. This has just happened to me again, as soon as we loaded into the ranked match, I got hit with 4000 ping and everyone in chat was complaining about the lag, and after ping dying down to about 40 (yet match still playing as if i've got 2000 ping), I get hit with an attempting to reconnect. I've taken a screenshot to show what it's like. I know servers are hard to manage with a playerbase so big, but if you've been fine with these problems for about 6 and a half seasons, I would expect that you'd be fine now.
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