Many bugs/lags/freezes which is repetitive and annoying

Riot you better explain yourself at least tell us why and why! 1- im so annoyed this site automatically signs me out if i was inactive for 5 min. dont tell me clear cookies and log in and log out and tick keep me logged in this does not work at all. its not like im going to damn click the log in button every time i join here. 2- sometimes which is the most annoying thing when i play the game it freezes for a moment then BOOM everything goes fast and it ruins team fight experience. 3- in ARAM only. the game disconnect itself then connect back seconds later. or sometimes you stand still and everything is paused then it connects back. im only getting this in the last 3 patches These repetitive problems are so annoying. i made a thread about the first one and NOT one rioter responded for it. at least tell us you know there is this problem and you are attempting to fix it instead I have to go on by those things over and over and over and over and over again. now i got disconnected from ARAM game and cant connect back IM NOT GOING TO LIE! Riot i know you are doing lot of things and i know you have lot of problems to deal with for this game. but at least solve the first problem im getting annoyed by it every single time i come here.
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