Bug with "spotted" mark from Ashe E with Darius in ARAM

Hello community, riot officials, Patch: 9.3 Game played on: Feb 10, 2019 So I was playing Darius in ARAM and at game start an enemy Ashe used her E, so I and other allies got spotted. However, I got stuck with the "spotted" visual mark for the whole game. Allies could also see it apparently, but according to one player in the enemy team, they could not constantly see me. The bug thus appears to be only visual for what I have experienced. And I can't tell whether all my allies were seeing this mark constantly, only a Xhin Xhao who also got spotted by Ashe's E at game start was telling me he was constantly seeing the mark. I can't tell either if enemies were seeing the mark when I was visible to them, even though according to one of them I was not constantly visible. Hope this will help.
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