Refund Bug / Weird interaction

Yesterday I encounter the following bug: I was playing as Morgana. At some point I recalled to buy boots and by accident I bought Berserker's Greaves ( {{item:3006}} ). In that exact moment my Frostfang ( {{item:3098}} ) completed its quest via the passive gold generation. This led to my refunding being locked leading to me playing Morgana support with attack speed boots. I tried and succeed in replicating the bug: Get the Frostfang to aprox. 490 gold, recall, buy something and wait for the quest to complete. Refund gets locked. Haven't tried this with Nomad's Medallion ( {{item:3096}} ) or Targon's Brace ( {{item:3097}} ) So with some bad timing and luck you can get stuck with the wrong item.
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