perma banned 16 times

I'm just here to tell you how shit ur system is perma banning toxic players will just make them more and more toxic over time. on my first account i would jokingly be toxic for a laugh and it was funny to me and my friends as with my friends we are toxic to each other because we arn't snobby %%%%s who cry over any insult. I will continue to flame as the one time i %%%%ing tried to shut my %%%%ing mouth just to play i get non stop trolls who will NEVER FGUCKING NEVER GET BANNED ONLY TH man g%%%% this shit i want all u riot bully victims to know ur game is shit and imma go learn dota u %%%%ing virgins keep abusing woman u %%%%ing snowflakes. my main account that was diamond at the time got banned for giving an analogy where some1's dad happen to have cancer. that was not toxic in any way i was just trying to put into prospective what the point i wanted to put across was but ofc ur shitty auto ban %%%%%%ed system thinks otherwise because CONTEXT DOESNT MATTER RIGHT??? HOW DARE THIS INTERNET MAN SAY MEAN WORDS UR ALL %%%%ING STUPID SO SO SO STUPID SOOOOOO STUPID all u %%%%ing pussies just sit at home and live in ur bubbles %%%% YOU %%%% YOU %%%% YOU %%%% YOU banning TOXICITY MAKES MORE TOXICITY U STUPID %%%%S. i just want to have a full on conversation with whoever invented these toxic bans and tell you why this is the most %%%%%%ed thing ever HAHAHA ESPECIALLY WHEN THE GAME IS %%%%ING BROKEN IN SO MANY %%%%ING WAYS MY GODFFFFF 4Q3YQ5 J JRY H HJTR %%%% OFF ALL OF U %%%%S
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