Master yi q untargetability bug (Riot watch)

i was in alpha Detailed description of the issue: if i was untargetable , how malzahar press R on me ? if malzahar press R on me , how i can use my q after? ( i dodge malzahar ult in middle of way, it should be juked by my luck or skill but i got juked ,plz fix this champ it happened a lot of times with a lot of things) The exact error message: No message Did anything change before the issue started appearing? (hardware/software/ISP): nope Screenshots: video is above What did you try already? Anything else that you want to add: if i was fiora malzahar ult was juked when i press diposte , if i was fizz it didnt run and stay ready to use, also for zed untargetability or camille or ... but why my fucing champ q dont make me untargetable as like what riot said ? plz fix it. it is happening every games for over 3-4 season !
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