Game window won't open

So I just played a normal game and won, went to the bathroom while updating my computer. Came back and started a normal game once again but my game window wouldn't start. Usually just closing the window and "Reconnecting" in the lobby works but it didn't. Got a AFK warning or something and typed in "I Agree". Restarted Leauge of Legends to start a practice game to see if the issue was still there and it was. I tried reconnecting a couple of times but it didn't work. I play on a fresh new PC and the problem only occurs 2 time max/week but it always works after I reconnect one time. The game window won't answer if you can relate. Don't want to get banned this way and I especially don't want to quit playing LoL because I simply can't launch the game. Best regards, Bricksight EDIT : I also tried to make a full repair in the client but it didn't work while logging in and launching the game once again.. EDIT 2 : I uninstalled the game completely and re-downloaded it again and installed it. Launched a custom game with bots but it still won't work.
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