No Chest Gained

So, well... I didn't get a chest last game. We had 2 people with an S and I have played a champ, I haven't gotten a chest before - a champ I do own. I haven't played on this account for about a month now, so I do have 4 chests available. However, as I said before, I didn't get a chest. So I want to know, if **Riot** changed something at the Hextechcraftingsystem or if it's a (known) bug. I got an A+ this match and gained a key. I'll play with the same champ again now. **Edit:** Fml, didn't win. Why is this thread getting downvoted, lmao? **Edit2:** Exactly the same like I wrote in the original post. **Edit3:** I have encountered this bug on 6.20 on EUW. I will try another champion (other than Leona) later.

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