[Patch: 7.24] [EUW] FPS Dropping/Freezing game

Hello there! Since this new update has been released i have been having trouble with my FPS. Normally, my FPS would sit at around 105-140 but for some reason with this new patch as soon as minions enter the lane and abilities start being used my frames will just drop to about 90-70. I know this doesn't sound horrible but as it drops my game will freeze because of it and i will begin to play with this really annoying jittery feeling. The previous patches didn't have this affect on me so why does this one? Is it because of the new health bar system? If anyone else is experiencing this or has a way to maybe fix this i would love to know! (Also, I have scanned my PC and cleaned it with anti-malware. All the kind of thing has been tried and still nothing has happened.) Thank you, First Mate Jake {{champion:41}}
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