Fix Remake / Surrender when faced with constant re-dc

So I just a rather bullshit game. We had ally Gnar connect into the game then dc'd then reconnected and dc'd for about 5-10 times in a row. The game as a result took this as the player had entered the game and voided the terms for remaking the game. So we had to go through a further 20 minutes where we were already gonna lose to inevitable losing. Surrender vote comes around we vote 3/1 however the vote still didn't surrender the game because it stated the vote had to be unanimous, so again we wait 5-10 mins for the team to finish the game. Can you seriously fix the terms that players can activate /remake, if we didn't have this problem I wouldn't have wasted 25-30 mins on a delayed loss. What it should be instead be is if the player reconnects / disconnects constantly and doesn't make any movement past the nexus fountain within those 3 mins regardless if they've disconnected / reconnected it will offer the /remake option and we can vote to get out of the game.
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