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1st happy birthday league 2- let us talk about some bugs --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A-Kalista {{champion:429}} I'm Kalista OTP and i know everything at Kalista and Kalista has sooo many bugs animation bug Kalista can get this bug and stay 1.5:2.5 sec with animation and OFC she can't attack or do anything only thing to cancel this animation is Q and try to use Passive (this bug happens almost of the time while the enemy disappear and ofc your attack cancel but animation does not cancel all the time) sometimes when you play as Kalista so fast you get Lag at the react of the champion if you try do E Q very fast you will get some lag and ofc you will miss this Q cuz this lag and your target may run B- Urgot {{champion:6}} his W has some small bug that bug is when you activate your W he will keep targeting and dealing dmg to the target even after defeating the Nuxes and ofc he can get the kill 3-Karthus{{champion:30}} not so danger bug just funny one if im playing against karthus and i have killed him his passive start to work after his passive end he died and at that time I can click "G"( whatever button you are using for the ping ) and tell my teammates to target him while he's dead to say it with EZ way play against karthus kill him wait his passive end and click G on your keyboard then click on his body (after his passive end ) I think that's enough for today ty you for your time

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