Yasuo Q bugged for over a year now

Bug Video - Jax E vs Yasuo Q Interactions/Inconsistencies
Short video I made to illustrate a bunch of issues that I discovered between Yasuo and Jax. I don't know why there was an audio desync but I couldn't get it to go away.
Yasuo Q STILL deals damage through Jax´s e (counterstrike). It´s the only interaction like this where this happens as every other spell that applies autoattack effect/ damage is dodged by Jax e. Even spells like Ezreal Q, Gangplank Q or Fiora Q have their damage and effects dodged, but Yasuo has not, warping the entire 1v1 powerbalance between the two champions. To recreate this bug simply load into a game of League and have Yasuo use Q on Jax. Not a single part of Yasuo is Q is dodged as intended, but bugged instead. This bug exists for ages now and still isn´t fixed nor even adressed. Why ?
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