In-game Chat/Text Problems

For two days now, I am experienced a pretty odd and seemingly unfixable bug in my League games. Whenever I'm in a game, no text option works. I can't type in chat, I can't type in the shop, nothing. I can press enter to see the chat history and I can click on the shop search box, so those aspects are fine, but whenever I try to type text to send messages or search items, nothing works and the game just treats it like I didn't open chat or shop by e.g. using an ability when I used an a in my word (Azerty-keyboard). I first suspected I was muted, but I didn't receive any notification that I was muted in the client or any warning at all, and I don't think being muted also applies to the shop. Also, outside of games, the chat in the client works perfectly. I already tried relogging, switching dates, repairing and restarting the computer, but nothing seems to work. The bug even survived a patch update (SG mode update into next patch) and also appeared in the middle of a patch, not right after it, so I'm not even sure if it's connected to it. If anyone has a possibly solution to this, help is greatly appreciated! It's driving me crazy that I can't communicate with teammates, respond to people sending me messages or search for items in the shop!

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