My thoughts on Cassiopeia (looking for some Main's to get their opinion)

Hi everyone, I have played about 10-15 Cassiopeia games since the "mage rework". Before the rework I roughly played 30-35 (started playing this champion about 3 Weeks ago). So I am not a experienced, have not played all matchups and don't know a thing about Cassi S1 (started playing end S2 to start S3). Before the rework: * early harass/kill pressure in favourable matchups * easy early 1 vs 2 (lvl 6) * no real trouble laning After the rework: * nearly no kill pressure early game * nearly every matchup feels like playing Vayne against Caitlyn (after lvl 2/3) * mana too cost inefficent to harass with it (better to farm) The first game after the rework I was like 1/6/3 in lane (lost purely against the laner) and ended with 16/10/5 or something. (a score that I had a lot with like 2-3 death less before the changes). If I lost my lane before the changes I would at max go 1/3-4/0 with a lot of jungle pressure. At first I though it was due to mana or damage changes on some of the spells. I think mana wise it really is more expensive but the damage went up as well so that is not a real problem. My biggest problem seems to be the new "W". Though it is a really great ability in tight teamfight spotts (Jungle) or when you gank a lane, but for my laning experience it does not give me anything else than pain. I can count the times it "safed" me from a "flash" gank or that it provided me with a kill, on one hand. My problem with this ability is it's stiffness. (at least I think so) Let's go for an example: * Yasuo/ Cassiopeia Matchup * Lvl 3 all in Yasuo What would you have done before the change to the W? You would have put your W beneath yourself or slightly in front of you, so that if he goes for the e through the minions or on you, he'd be in a world of pain. (or not, depends on your ability to doge his q and your summoner spell i guess) What happens now? Your W flies 100000000 killometeres away to the minions, Yasuo laughing his ass of, simply running around or worst case, you throw it and he already e'd to a minion and then dasing in your face, giving you a taste of bitter sweeetness. Now you could say: "Well Jeff you suck, learn to play." or "Jeff throw the W from your Tower and then step on it". That is good advice, VERY GOOD indeed but useless. If the ability would go in a vertical line instead of a horizontal or if it would be manageable in another facion, would make it a much better laning experience I think. Do we have some Cassi Mains here? If so, I would love to hear what you think about the changes, how it affects your gameplay and some tipps maybe on how to play with her now. Cheers and have a great and sunny day{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}

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